Anna Cangiano‚Äč

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I was "the butchers daughter". Our family's memorable and delicious mom and pop gourmet deli is where I worked my first job: organizing the milk case, so that all the product was lined up neatly in date order. I took this position very seriously and have been working diligently ever since that day. My education from experience is superlative to any lesson that could be taught in a classroom. That hands-on experience is where I learned all the basics of bookkeeping, literally counting the money coming in and paying the bills, training cashiers, watching over the staff and always looking out for the bottom line. Learning how easily a loss can occur or be prevented. When I graduated HS and told my father I wanted to be an interior designer, he looked me dead in the eye and asked, "What is that? What do they do?" He insisted I get an accounting degree and I quickly negotiated and strategized my way into Parsons (after two years at Pace). I have to admit I am glad I listened to my father. His example has led me to making the small business owners of the design world my greatest clients. Before I honed into the design industry I did the books for every type of small business, from Chelsea Billiards to L'Olivier to Real Estate Investors and Sports Marketers, Uptown, Downtown, Upper West Side all the way to Harry Zarin's on the Lower East Side. I was fortunate to have those opportunities to develop great people skills and I was able to get design jobs on the side, designing individual rooms, kitchens, baths and then finally an entire house, new construction in Newburgh, NY. I moved to Tarrytown, NY in 2005 and from that point on I have worked for some of the best designers in NYC, including some of AD's top 100. I truly love what I do and feel my experience can be essential for young designers needing to set up their books and choose an accounting system. (You cannot run a business on an excel spreadsheet; if you could there would be no accounting software!) And equally as profitable for the seasoned designer who may be running multiple projects at once. Whatever your needs may be, call me today and let's discuss, in detail, how I can streamline, upgrade and increase profitability for your specific situation. 


Keith Fitzpatrick

I grew up on Long Island where I excelled both in the classroom and on the athletic fields for Chaminade High School. I then went on to major in Economics at Yale University. After I graduated I held multiple jobs in finance before the great recession of 2008. I was offered a job to run a $500K per year event space in NYC and within two years I turned it into a $2MM business. This is where I learned business development including developing sales teams, improving operations and most importantly, growing the bottom line. In growing this business, I developed relationships with many small business owners and entrepreneurs. I was offered a job as a part-time CFO of a small security company in New Jersey and my career in accounting unexpectedly began. I kept strong connections with the business owners I met and realized I could add value helping them increase profitability. I went back to school and completed my formal CPA studies so I could add even more value to my clients and their businesses. I realized that working with small business owners to maximize their growth and profits was my passion. I love seeing the bottom line grow and knowing I played an important role in making that happen. I specialize in organizing and turning around small businesses in the creative industries. I am currently a licensed CPA in New York State and have helped business owners with business and personal tax planning, as well as sales tax. I believe that with so many small businesses being individually owned, the importance of having bookkeeping and tax expertise, that MAKE ROOM can offer your business, is invaluable.

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